Sunday, August 22, 2010

Online Earning --- Some realistic ways especially for Indians

Hello Friends,

I don't really know how many of you are actually aware about this fact, that for Indians there is a realistic way to make some serious money online, not only through Blogging (Google Adsense, etc.) or through PTC Sites (Another Proven business, check here), but even by watching your favorite videos. Well yes, even watching your favorite videos pay you, though not enough, but its better something than nothing.

Today, most of us watch / / for various movies, songs, funny videos, and lots of other reasons (which are better if not mentioned), the same kinda videos can also be watched on INDYAROCKS.COM, this site pays you 0.10 rupees for every view you get on your videos (on the videos uploaded by you) and 0.05 rupees for every video you see.

The only requirement to become a part of is, you must have an Indian Address, and an Indian Bank Account in which they can credit the money. If you have earned a minimum of Rs. 300, by the 15th date of a particular money, your money reaches your account by the first week of next month, no deductions, no TDS, or no other hassles.... Just that HAVE FUN and keep watching videos...

If you want to make even more money using the same platform, I would personally suggest you to upload videos, upload as many videos as many you can to earn atleast a few grands just by sitting at home and enjoying doing time pass on internet.

Another cool way to earn on is GOOGLE ADSENSE, well yes, Indyarocks have got tied up with GOOGLE ADSENSE, so all you need to do is SIGN UP for GOOGLE ADSENSE (if you dont have an account with them till now), dont worry, its free to sign up, and then follow the instructions as given on indyarocks EARNINGS AREA link on your home page, and once your account is approved, your ads will start showing up on your videos, photos, blogs and much more... this way you can even make more money using

If you wish to sign up for Google Adsense, just CLICK HERE....

I would certainly keep trying and come up with more such easy ways to start earning, that even a toddler with basic computer knowledge can start earning....

Till then, God Bless... Cya Soon!