Friday, August 24, 2012

Efficient Business Strategy - E-Recruitment Software Solutions

Its really strange how companies like large consultancy firms, accounting services, Fortune 500 companies in various sectors assume you don't have an email address while you start applying for jobs on their website.

Major organisations use e-Recruitment softwares for their recruitment related processes. An example of such a software would be Oracle's Taleo Recruiting, an Enterprise e-Recruitment Software for Recruiting Management. These softwares are highly capable and could process large amounts of applications with an ease and effective management so that companies don't have to deal with hundreds of thousands of applications by themselves manually.

They are not only able to manage the applications, Resumes / CVs and several other documents in the cloud or at a client's database system, but are also well capable of assessing and screening candidates initially by means of their credentials, jobs preferences, company specific education, professional as well as legal requirements and then if at the initial stage an applicant is rejected for any reasons, these could easily send them a polite rejection email with the time frame / date after which they could re apply if the position remains open or they find themselves fit the for job.

Such softwares allow integration with social network sites like Facebook and even career oriented professional social networks like LinkedIn. One could even import their entire professional profile through linkedIn, simply by connecting LinkedIn profile to the respective recruitment software right on the employer's website.

Such highly integrative, effective and intelligent softwares quite often assume that applicants applying for jobs may not even have an email address of their own and so inform you of free email services like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc. where you could get an email address for free.

One could call this as a really smart move while some might think this to be a basic thing that any recruitment software must actually provide with to their clients (prospective Employers).
This isn't completely true, companies struggle really hard to remain in competition and such sophisticated softwares com at a cost that is not an ordinary amount to buy peanuts!

For such reasons, providing as much information as needed to the applicants (remember the applicants could be for the job of a service technician, electrician, room cleaner, waiter or anything and not just high profile qualified jobs) with careful consideration that the information they are providing is not overloaded and does not contain anything unnecessary is really essential for them to stay in competition. This easily justifies the reason why such companies go to the lowest level (in the internet era) by assuming that the applicant sitting on internet applying for a job at a multinational company may not even have an email address of his own.