Thursday, December 13, 2012

Degreed: Acknowledging your Education through all sources, in essence a free service that allows individuals to combine all their learning experiences (formal as well as informal) through sources such as formal university qualifications, professional courses as well as informal qualification through sources such as Khan Academy, iTunes U, Coursera, Udacity, online conferences, webinars, etc into one Degree.

Something like this

Their ultimate aim is to jailbreak the degree norm so that students get credit for their all sorts of education-literally ALL OF IT

A graphical representation of's ultimate aim:

Degreed states:

Currently, the degree is the only meaningful "unit" of education to which employers give any credence. Of this dependency, TIME magazine writes, "The tight connection between college degrees and economic success may be a nearly unquestioned part of our social order. Future generations may look back and shudder at the cruelty of it … It is inefficient, both because it wastes a lot of money and because it locks people who would have done good work out of some jobs."
The traditional degree, with its four-year time commitment and steep price tag, made sense when the university centrally aggregated top academic minds with residency-based students. Education required extensive logistics, demanding deep commitment from students worthy of being rewarded with the all-or-nothing degree.

This is a new revolution we are witnessing, the student debt at present is over $1 trillion, which is 4 times the cost of sending a man to the moon, however universities are still going on increasing the education costs although they don't have any monopoly over the education, all they have is, the monopoly over credentialising the education, i.e. giving degrees with their brand name. While some might argue, that is what gets them the jobs in big organisations all over the world, its not fully true.

World has been changing rapidly and online education sources are a live example of changes in world in education and employment norms. Students studying from informal sources such as Udacity, Coursera, iTunes U are now getting employed by major IT, social networking companies such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and these people are on the verge of proving not only themselves but also that free education is actually of the highest quality.

Degreed in similar way, aims to break the notion of a full package of education where a young teenager studies that package for 4 to 9 years and once done with it, he / she goes on working and starting a career. But that is where the learning stops according to the current conventional norms. But that is not actually true in real life, and people want tailored education to suit their own needs. Today students want to learn what excites them and follow one particular direction rather than being forced to do a whole degree, eg. having to do a degree of bachelors in Computer Science, going through learning several programming languages and so on when all they wanna do in life in become a Java expert.

Jailbreak Degree Campaign experts, explain it all:

This movement is metaphorically related to JFK's famous "Go to the Moon" speech in response to the Soviet Union beating the US into space, the original 'Sputnik Moment'. He inspired a nation to go to the moon.

Here's an amazing video REMIX of that speech in the language that our generation finds quite exciting: