Monday, December 17, 2012

Does your Work suffer due to Internet Connectivity? May be time for some back up!

Blogging has always been of great interest to me, and the reason I blog is not only because I wish to let out my thoughts to the world, but also because, I love sharing. I love to share information, I love to share knowledge, and I want to be a part of the world where sharing exists over and above almost everything else.

In order to be able to try and make some living out of this habit of sharing, I started having advertisements on my blog and after my ACCA exams I started blogging actively for about a week's time.

However, an internet activist group, Anonymous, hacked BSNL's main website and all other BSNL's owned websites. They let out several pieces of critical information such as user ids and passwords for tons of servers of BSNL all over India on which several BSNL website were running.

This, bought the inevitable in front of me, for past 4 days, my internet connection remained highly intermittent and very unreliable. BSNL Broadband had several issues all over India wherever it has its operations and I as a customer of BSNL, was very adversely affected by this continuous outage issue at BSNL.

BSNL, as it's more of a government type organisation, they hardly care to announce about expected or sudden outage issues, in fact when we place a complaint at BSNL self service telephone number or BSNL Self Care website, that is one of the worst experience a customer could have, especially the people who are given the responsibility to deal with the customer complaints.

Ok, enough of ranting about BSNL, as those who are using BSNL's any of the services would well be aware of the issues it brings along with it. However, my focus is on reliance on internet for my work or something that I am trying to make as my full time work.

Due to this rapid outage issue, it was more like a startup eye opening incident for me to deal with it in the initial phase at this moment when my blogging it at a very homely and personal level, and so I made a decision to go for a mobile broadband connection (A USB Stick through which we can use internet connection on your laptop / desktop computers).

It did take me a few days to get the new connection and then top up it for unlimited broadband services and then ensure it gives appropriate speed and so on, however, now I am up and running with a backup internet connection by Tata Photon Plus USB internet.

This allows me to focus on my work of blogging and not only that but also remain at piece when it comes to dealing with internet connectivity issues, as a drop in my BSNL home broadband connection would mean, I simply plug in the USB stick and continue my work where I left it off last.

May be at this phase, it is not a cost effective option, but I don't mind investing in something that makes some real good sense to me and in fact I want to do that as it is what I like to do in my free time as well as to make my living out of it.

I shall now, blog at ease and with peace of mind without worrying too much about drops in my internet connection and fail to publish my blogs over 20 times a day.