Monday, December 10, 2012

I feel proud to be a coursera student!

Hey, I just got to know that Coursera has been ever growing with millions of students all over the globe, mothers, housewives, even teachers looking to enhance their knowledge and now a US Senator taking poetry courses on

Although the Senator says he is a little behind on his homework and needs to catch up a bit, blames recent US Presidential elections.

A poetry professor who says, he normally teaches a class of 38 students is now teaching over 34000 "self-selected" students, i.e. students who come purely for knowledge and learning not for credits or certifications and are genuinely interested in learning peotry.

As a coursera student having attended several classes at Coursera with Introduction to Finance from University of Michigan (Prof. Gautam Kaul) being my best experience, its an amazingly proud moment for me. Feels as if I am attending the same university as these big dignitaries all over the world and hey! I am continuously learning several things, all for free!

Well, Prof. Gautam says, its not free, it needs investment of my time, but I guess I can invest that for fulfilling my own interests and of course a better future.

Here's the video from that was aired today (10 Dec 2012)