Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Is Google Reader again down?

Speaking from personal experience rather than status updates on Google's App Status Dashboard, for past 15 minutes I have been unable to refresh / mark read or unread / add new feed or manage subscriptions on my Google Reader. I tried on Google Chrome as well as Safari.

As I am writing this post, its 12:49 am PST and unsure if google is to give any updates till morning Dec 11.

Also, just to make sure of whether this is the problem specifically with my account or other accounts as well, I logged in using my personal google account and still facing same issue:

The error shown "Ooops.. an error occurred. Please try again in few seconds".

Awaiting any update from Google App Status Dashboard.

Are you facing any troubles with any of google services? If so, please let us know through comments below. Thanks

UPDATE 01:06 am PST -- Issue now seems to have resolved. I am no longer facing any issues with Google Reader.