Sunday, December 9, 2012

Janine Shepherd - A thriving spirit

TED Talks are a great place to find all sorts of inspiration, entrepreneurial information, get to know great innovators, hear those who have either transformed the world or are already in process of doing so.
I have been following various people after watching their TED Talk events, people such as Simon Sinek.

Today I came across a TED Talk that changed my thoughts, my feelings, my way of thinking, my way of imagination in a lot dramatic way.
This lady was an olympics athlete, met with an accident and had severe life threatening and serious injuries. Something that many of us could never imagine in our most worse dreams, she was told by doctors that for life she could not walk on her own and she would need several supporting elements such as waking frame, and that her body below waist was completely senseless, there was no feeling at all, and today she is an author, a speaker, a true motivator and a successful Pilot (Well you heard it right, PILOT!)

I often get into conversation with myself asking my own inner sense, what am I suppose to do in my life? What is it that I really believe in? Where should I go and search my passion? From where should I begin my life's ultimate journey?

Well, this one TED Talk changed a lot of those questions, example, instead of asking What am I supposed to do in my life, I thought why not do at this very moment what I feel like doing (For example: writing this blog), instead of asking where to begin my life's ultimate journey, why not just start at the rock bottom where I am at this moment and see where things lead me to as I go along my path?

If I face a drift along my path, I might want to realign myself to my path to reach my ultimate destination and if the drift is so huge that I just cannot realign myself to my path towards destination, I might just then change destination and work towards something new and exciting and let go who I am or who I wanna be to become what I might be.

But, lets not forget this simple thing, we must flow like water and see where it leads to, if you don't know what you wanna do in life, or if you are uncertain of where shall you start from, just start wherever you are and whatever you can, once you have begun, opportunities will automatically start to unfold, and then once you get several opportunities as you get along with whatever you are doing, you might wanna have a flavour of each of them and then be cherry-picky at what you really find exciting, as Derek Sivers says, what makes you really scream "Hell, YEAH!!".

It is our spirit to do what we wanna do, which really makes the difference not our abilities, we can become able to do things if we really believe in them and so once we know what we believe, it becomes our passion to do follow our belief. All we need is a belief, a strong spirit, a sense of "YEAH! I WILL DO IT" in order to make anything and everything possible.

So here you go, I post the video of this lady, Janine Shepherd