Tuesday, December 18, 2012

RIM - Invites for Blackberry 10 Event

Research In Motion, the recently troubled so called "business devices" maker is in full gear to launch its all new Blackberry 10 operating system. In attention to its launch event, RIM has sent invites for its January 30 event.

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

Selected Media outlets are invited to Pier 36 in New York City for the global unveiling of BlackBerry 10: "You can see it first." While it didn't reveal any further details on the event itself, the tagline reads: "Re-designed. Re-engineered. Re-invented."

On the date of January 30, BlackBerry 10 operating system launches worldwide.

There are several rumours and leaked pics of Blackberry's upcoming full - length touch screen phones featuring the new Blackberry 10 operating system.

A video featuring the new Blackberry Smartphone with its new operating system can be seen HERE.

Several pics were released by Tinh te earlier this month which made a global news instantly on the internet and has attracted several hundreds of thousands of view so far.

It seems, Blackberry is now taking upon the fame as earlier was for iPhone Launches and other Apple Gadgets Launch Events. This definitely is a free marketing tool and makes users feel curious about what is about to come. Anyways, only time will tell, the kind of response Blackberry attracts after its launch.

In regards to the exact launch date of the handset and the operating system, RIM said "Details of the commercial availability for BlackBerry 10 will be announced at the global launch events on January 30. Our executives have made it clear that the touch screen device will be available shortly after launch with the physical keyboard version to follow shortly after that."

Here's a 15 min demo of the Blackberry 10 operating system and a full touch screen handset on Stage at BlackBerry Jam Americas Keynote: