Saturday, December 8, 2012

Save on your home WiFi bandwidth - Download large files using your smartphone 3G or WiFi hotspots

I like messing around with the gadgets I own, I am a passionate person about technology and just love doing things simply for fun.

So, I have a limited bandwidth allowance on my home WiFi, however I do have unlimited 3G on one of my mobile phone connections, now the question that was arising in my mind is that, how can I get to download large audio / video / zip / other files using my unlimited 3G and then transfer those files to my laptop from my mobile.

The first obvious thing that came in my mind was tethering, however, I am unsure that this would be allowed on my mobile and just didn't feel like taking risk with it and tried to figure out a rather simpler idea, which is, downloading files directly on my mobile.

I don't have a very high end phone that could display huge websites, in fact my phone often crashes when I open a large website and the browser automatically shut downs, so simply thought of initiating the download on my laptop to get the download link from the downloads section of my browser (Chrome) and once I have copied the download link, I could simply email that to myself, open the email on my smart phone and click on that link from within the email.

Doing so, allows me to directly download large files from my mobile without having to tether or use my home broadband bandwidth allowance.

There are some restrictions though, for example, because youtube streaming is not included in my unlimited 3G pack, I can't stream youtube videos or download them using links created by websites such as and so for that reason, I have to be connected to a WiFi connection to be able to download the large youtube video.

Now that WiFi connection could be any WiFi connection, doesn't necessarily have to be my home WiFi connection, and so I can simply have those links emailed to me on my smartphone and then once I am out, connected to a WiFi hotspot, I could download those files directly onto my mobile phone.

Doing so, allows me to save a lot on my bandwidth allowance and lets me make the most use of my unlimited 3G on my smartphone.

Now this could also be done using your tablet computers, however, as I said at the start of this article, I like to mess with gadgets that I have and figure out ways to deal with issues / problems within my constraints, I don't have a tablet computer right now and so I worked out something that works just fine for me.

The smartphone I have spoken about in this article is Blackberry Curve 3G 9300, it can't open webpages with huge data (large sized), it doesn't support Java enabled webpages and there are lots of other constraints too, however, any files that are either compatible or non compatible on my blackberry phone, it still allows me to download that using whatever internet connection is available on my phone (3G or WiFi) and saves the file to my Memory Card.

So that was it guys, the more I figure out new stuff, the more I will try and share with you all.

Cheers for the time being! have fun!