Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sir Richard Branson - Big Idea for 2013 - Deal with Drug Consumpion

LinkedIn presents a video featuring Sir Richard Branson, where he is asked for what he thinks is the big idea for upcoming year.

Sir Richard Branson says, his one of the big ideas for 2013 is to Break the Taboo, he is the Global Drug commissioner and he likes the approach of Portugal since past 10 years where the Portugese said they wouldn't lock up anybody who consumed drugs and that they would help people deal with Drug Problems.

He goes on talking about his son, Sam Branson's movie Breaking the Taboo and the movie is available to watch online for free, check out the videos below, Sir Richard Branson's interview as well as Sam Branson's movie Breaking the Taboo..

Movie: Breaking the Taboo: