Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to: Keep all your PC Softwares updated all the times.

There are several applications out there that allow you to check for third party software updates on your computer, however they often come with too much of fancy stuff, and include ads or ask you to download other softwares such as Toolbars, etc.

Microsoft Update allows Windows users to check for updates specific to Windows / Microsoft products but not for third party softwares such as CCleaner, Adobe Reader, Google Chrome, Firefox etc.

Filehippo Update Checker is an amazingly ultra light application that runs on demand and could be configured to start with windows start up or even to show only non-beta updates to all the applications installed in your computer including Microsoft softwares such as Internet Explorer and hundreds / thousands of other third party software updates.

The application takes up less than 500 KB of hard disk space and once run, displays the results directly in a web browser instead of showing in-software results.

The software can be download from Filehippo Website.