Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Restoring default ring tones in your Blackberry Smartphone

Last night, I started getting some "APP ERROR" on my Blackberry Curve 9300 screen and I just ignored it as it was New Year eve and just didn't want to bother myself with some new technical stuff on my mobile.

However, this morning, I noticed the error was still there and that anyone trying to call me on my mobile was showing switched off, and that was actually the reason why I didn't receive any new year wishes after 12 am midnight.

So I clicked on "RESET" button below the "APP ERROR" message and it sort of deleted tons of files which were in my mobile memory, like default wallpapers for my homescreen, default ringtones, etc.

There are several ways to restore back ringtones to your blackberry smartphone, an old one being using BBSAK and then doing selective restore to restore only the item "sounds" but thats way to hassling.

Another simple way is to just download the ringtones from the internet and save them on your media card and start using them, thats the easiest method, but the issue with that is, if ever you memory card goes bad or if you have connected your phone to a computer in Mass Storage (USB Media) mode, your media card will be inaccessible.

RIM also offers a straight and simple way to download back the ringtones, all you need to do is visit http://mobile.blackberry.com and download a simple .JAD file that could be installed on your phone and it automatically restores the ringtones that you need for your blackberry phone to your phone memory.

Here is a way to download OS5.0 ringtones for your OS6.0, just download this file and install it to your mobile:

If you don't have internet accessible on your mobile, download the above file to your computer, transfer it to your phone using USB cable or put it on your mobile memory card using MicroSD card reader (if you have a card reader slot on your laptop) and then run the .JAD file on your mobile and Hey Presto! you will see all the ringtones back on your mobile in your Phone memory.

Quick Tip
1. Right click the above link, copy the link address and email it to your email address configured on your blackberry smartphone to avoid having to copy the whole link and making silly mistakes. 
2. Access http://bit.ly/bbringtone on your mobile browser to access this post directly on your phone.