Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Troubleshooting - Function keys (Brightness, Volume, keyboard light, etc.) not working in Apple BootCamp

This post is a troubleshoot post, focusing on solving the issue where the keyboard function keys on your Mac computer / notebook are not working when you are running an operating system installed in Apple Bootcamp, such as Windows 7.

The keys on the top row of this image
When running an operating system on your Macbook / iMac / Macbook Pro there is an application that starts as the operating system boots up, this application is called "BootCamp.exe"

This application has the Apple Keyboard drivers running in background that handles the functionality of the function keys of your Apple Keyboard when running a non Mac operating system on your Mac computer.

The icon normally resides in the taskbar, which looks something like this if you are running a Windows Operating system such as Windows 7

This grey icon (circled in red) shows that the application Bootcamp.exe is running in background, however if you don't see this icon here in the taskbar, it probably means, that the application is not running or has somehow shut down, so you can restart the application by visiting C:\Program Files\Boot Camp and just double click on bootcamp.exe.

Hopefully this must resolve the issue and you should now be able to reuse your Apple keyboard function keys in bootcamp.

If not, drop in a comment below stating the issue you are facing, will try to answer it as early and as accurately as possible.