Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy Independence: is a wonderful way to create your own little online presence that describes what you are and that little presence could also be embedded into other websites such as I have done on this blog of mine, Check it out on my About Me page.

The tool is absolutely free to use and allows you to create your own super easy and very effective About Me page in almost instant manner with easy to use controls, allowing inclusion of your Social presence such as Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / etc. has now gone independent back! Well you read it right, they were first a start up, acquired by AOL just a few days after their public launch in Dec. 2010 and now they have taken the control back from their parent company AOL in the hands of their own management team and investors which include major corporations such as Wordpress, Google.

They love to call themselves "a startup" which obviously shows their passion for challenges and growth in coming future. Gaining back control from a well established corporate giant means a lot in terms of flexibility, less bureaucracy, ease of doing things, having a more flexed and easy-going culture and most of all, no more reluctance to be answerable to a parent company for their operations (well, it doesn't mean AOL was a dictator to, it's just that, having a large parent company, does put some performance pressure, and its often difficult to show the truest innovative creations when in pressure.)

They have updated their TOS and privacy policy for 2013 and also allow claiming your own email address on domain, which as is not much popular as of now, could sound like a official email address, at least till millions start using out their email address instead of Gmail / Yahoo / Hotmail which seems a bit unlikely in near future.

I congratulate them on their day of independence and wish them tremendous success ahead.