Thursday, February 28, 2013

Website snapshots of past

How a website looked at a particular date in history

How looked like on 8 Feb 1999
Found a cool website that allows you to look how a website looked in history. This web archive website crawls over 420,000,000 websites and creates snapshots over several times a day.

It then puts the snapshots in a nice calendar type grid which looks something like this,

The more the number of snapshots on any particular day, the more denser the blue sphere on any given day, upon moving the cursor to the blue area, it gives list of snapshots at different times of the day

There are some drawbacks though, not all the websites are crawled by the Wayback Machine.

For example, is not crawled by Wayback Machine due to its Robots.txt file.

So what are you waiting for, go try out your favourite website on WayBack Machine and see how it looked back in past, probably when most of the teenagers were either young enough to use a website or were not even born yet!

Have fun!