Thursday, June 6, 2013

How To: Multiple Logins for Skype on Mac

Last night I was wondering if there was a way I could login to my personal Skype account while I was already logged into my another official Skype account. I really like to keep my personal and official Skype accounts separate for obvious reasons of course.

After a quick google search for "Multiple logins Skype Mac" I stumbled upon skype community as one of the top search results where users have spoken about running more than one instance of an application. They used Terminal (Mac's command line interface) to do so.

Here's a quick step by step procedure on how to do it (or at least how I did it):

Open your Terminal window (just open spotlight and type Terminal or go to Utilities and click Terminal)

  • In the terminal Type: cd /Applications/ will change your "pwd" (Present working directory to the above mentioned path.
  • Once you are in that directory, then type sudo ./Skype make note of that period (.) before /Skype that is intentional and not by mistake.
  • If it asks for your password, enter your system password (nothing will appear (no asterisks or any symbols) as you type password but the password is being taken in as you type it)
Once done, a new Skype login window will open and the Terminal screen would look something similar to this:

You can now go ahead and close the Terminal window. Skype session should continue as normal and you can go ahead and login to your another Skype account.

Please drop in comments of your experiences or if you had any issues while following the above procedure or even if you just wanna say Thank You :D