Sunday, September 1, 2013

How to Backup your iOS device using iTunes - With Infographics

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To backup your iOS device, first of all open iTunes (I am using a Mac for this blog but it works exactly same even if you are on Windows).

Once you have opened iTunes on your laptop, connect your iOS device to your laptop / computer. If you've already configured your iOS device with your iTunes, it will directly start syncing your iOS device (see screenshot below)

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Then you need to click on iPad on the top right side of iTunes window

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As you click on that button, you will be shown a screen similar to this

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Now choose whether you want to backup on iCloud or on your local computer and
Click on the "Back Up now"

The status bar on the top will change to something like this

This means that the backup has started and is now in progress.

When the backup is in progress, you can of course continue to use your iTunes as usual.

If you happen to encounter any errors, feel free to post them in comments section. I will try to respond to them with an appropriate solution as early as possible.

Video: How to Backup your iOS device using iTunes