Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What is 2 Step Verification and how to enable it?

Google has some of the amazing services when it comes to staying protected from hackers and preventing your account from being accessed illegitimately by "internet thieves".

2 Step Verification

2 Step Verification is a service that allows Google users to add an extra layer of authentication. Every time you login on a computer where you haven't logged before or where the cookies were cleared after your last login, it will ask you to enter a six digit code that you can receive through sms / call on your phone. Google doesn't charge anything for this service.

The other way you can receive codes is through Google Authenticator. Google Authenticator once configured on your iOS, Android, Blackberry device will let you access codes for free as many number of times as many you want to and is also completely independent of internet connectivity. What that means is, once Google Authenticator is installed and configured, you can use it even without an internet connection.

To enable 2 Step verification, just visit accounts.google.com and sign in to your account, once signed in, on the left side bar click on Security. On the Security page, ensure that your Notification and Recovery settings are correctly updated because if something goes wrong, you will be given information via these email and phone numbers if you want to recover your account.
This is important generally even if you do not want to use 2 Step Verification.

Once done, scroll down to 2 Step Verification section and click on Edit

As you click on Edit it might ask you to verify your login credentials. once done, it will confirm your mobile number and turn on 2 Step Verification.

After you have enabled 2 Step Verification you can open a different browser and try to access your Google Account and you will notice it asks for verification code as you login, the verification code will be sent to your registered mobile number through sms, if you do not receive sms you can demand a call on your phone by clicking the link provided below the space where you have to enter the verification code.

I have created a quick video explaining the above process, Check it out below: