Friday, May 2, 2014

Greenshot: Super light and highly efficient open source utility for screenshots and easy image editing on Windows

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I primarily use Mac for my day to day activities however my office system has Windows 7 installed on it, and being a QA engineer, I am often required to take screenshots of selected screen areas, I was quickly sick of using stupid inefficient tools like PrintScr and then pasting the copied screenshot in Paint and then selecting the required area out of it and saving it in a different file and then saving it.

Being a Mac user where you can just press CMD + Shift + 4 and be able to select any area on your screen, I needed a similar utility, I had heard of Snipping tool built in on Windows 7, however wasn’t still satisfied with it.

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So here I found a great utility called greenshot, an amazing open source utility that allows you to use PrintScr as a screen selecting tool and once you have selected screen you can actually either directly save it, or have tons of other options like uploading it to Imgur, copying to clipboard, opening with pre installed applications like Microsoft Office
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You can even open it using Greenshot image editor which allows you to quickly draw shapes and annotate your screenshots.
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Greenshot is licensed under GPL (GNU General Public License) and the exe installation file sizes just around 1.3 MB.

You can get the most recent version here: