Thursday, August 26, 2010

Work-At-Home and !!

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About 2 years ago, there was a noise in many corporates and even there used to be lots of articles in news papers and job sites as well as magazines that work at home is the next biggest thing which would very soon hit the employment market, as it is considered to boost up human productivity and give access to lots of more opportunities available online rather than just sticking to one 9 - 5 job in daily routine. However, after lots of rumors (or I would say real discussions), many job sites have even added "Home Based Jobs", "Work at Home", etc. other such categories to their list of categories of jobs / occupations, and thus work at home opportunities got a new recognition from then onwards.

I, as a young student, am very much interested in lots of work at home opportunities, and no doubt that is one of the biggest reason I have been blogging as well as trying to get in touch with various people, about whom I believe can be of any use to me to get some legitimate work at home job, rather than only the scams that first ask for some fees to join...

I have been recently going through some sites for online work or work at home opportunities, and came across some legitimate sites like:

This guy named Eddy Salomon, calls himself a successful "work at home'aholic". He has listed a lots of things online on his website, and on a regular basis, keep reviewing many things, that he thinks can be a good opportunity for work at home job seekers. In fact you can even subscribe to his newsletter so that you can get updates directly into your mailbox, whenever he posts any new job opportunity.

Another good site, that I have come across is, even this site lists a lots of jobs online for work at home opportunities, and you can search job according to your location, specialization, qualification, talent and so on and on... So this is another good site, about which I get some positive vibes, when it comes to searching online jobs..

However, just a few hours back, I received an email from, it was indeed a newsletter where they had posted the article written by someone named: Stephen Farrow.

The article is as follows:

Seven Tips to Phone Etiquette for the Work at Home Professional

Working from home can be a blessing for many. By liberating workers of the day-to-day minutia of office politics and micromanagement, home based professionals are free to explore their own independent path to success and challenge their own productivity. Still, being in contact with management and co-workers is vital to keeping up with and staying connected to everyday operations.

E-mail and instant messaging have bridged the gap between home and office worker but often lack the nuances of speaking directly to another person. Sometimes person-to-person contact can clarify questions and details that are easily overlooked in text-based communications. Here are several ways you can bolster your etiquette in phone conversations.
  1. Plan Important Calls. No one likes to be blindsided. Scheduling your phone conversation in advance allows the recipient to be prepared, aware, and accessible at the time of your call. Availability, time zone differences, and even lunch breaks can be a factor so always try to e-mail or contact your party beforehand to establish an acceptable time to call.
  2. Be Available. When setting up a phone meeting, make sure that you’re available and prepared at the time agreed upon. Write notes or reminders if needed. If a conflict does arise, let the party know as urgently as possible so that the meeting can be postponed or rescheduled in a timely manner.
  3. Test Equipment. A crucial call to the boss is not the time to wonder if that old, extra phone you hooked up works properly or to find that your cell phone reception tops out at one bar when you’re in your office space. Make sure that all of your communication equipment is in working order and educate yourself on its functions (such as ‘mute’ and ‘hold’) before making or taking any key calls.
  4. Talk Clearly. Speak with a clear, confident voice. When asking for assistance on issues that you are uncertain of, keep a professional and poised tone to your voice and avoid mumbling or talking too quiet. Try to direct your voice into the mic instead of bringing the mic closer to your voice.
  5. Be Organized. Have your agenda prepared and in order. Have papers and notes ready and within reach and steer clear of hesitations and rustling through papers, looking for crucial documents. E-mail any documents you plan to refer to beforehand and make a list of questions before you make the call.
  6. Take Notes. No matter how good your memory, take notes as you go along. Nothing is more embarrassing as having to re-ask questions later that were already covered or explained to you during the phone meeting.
  7. No Distractions. Avoiding distractions is important for all home working endeavors, but even more critical when you have a significant colleague on the other end of the line. As always, let family and friends know that you are working and should not be disturbed. Stress that you have an important business call to help insure you are in a noise-free and distraction-free environment. Most importantly, never try to accomplish other things or multitask while you are in a phone meeting or conference. Always keep your focus on the conversation at hand in a meaningful and professional manner.

However, the article is really very good, but after going through this site, I got to know that this site is actually a good site in terms of no paid advertisements or commercial banners, but as said... There are no FREE LUNCHES in this world, so you have to actually pay a amount to get access to their so called HOMEJOBSTOP Bank, which lists a variety of online jobs that you can do right from the comfort of your home, after googling it up and looking at the user reviews, one review I really found useful is:

This link mentioned above, gives complete details about this site, as well as the kind of job you can find in the HOMEJOBSTOP Bank, so you must go through it if you are considering to buy their List of Jobs, the so called "HOMEJOBSTOP Bank"...

However, on a personal note, I would like to say, that we must never pay to get an online job, or to get the list of jobs, as that is really very untruthful where you have to pay to get list of jobs.. You can rather use sites like,,, etc. to get list of jobs available online where you can work from the comfort of your home, get paid online for your work and you don't even have to pay anything for this.

Apart from all this, if you have not paid anything, there is actually a sense of peacefulness in mind, that even if this turns out to be a scam or some non legitimate scheme, you won't end up losing your money in this..

But still, choices are many and so are the opportunities.. you are your own decision maker and you have to decide whats good and whats not good..

Any comments are most welcome ... And any other sites for legitimate home based job.. please feel free to post in comments!.