Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First Payment from Google Adsense

Just received my first ever payment from Google Adsense.

I must say, I have been on Google Adsense since the beginning of 2008, however I have not been active on it for over an year now, in fact for over two years now, probably that is the reason why my earnings just stopped all of a sudden on Google Adsense.

But the other day, I received an email from Google, saying that your payment is on its way, and it made me check my account of Google Adsense, which I thought would not even be existing anymore, and when I checked it, I saw that they have sent the payment through Check on my Home address in India. The payment was of $100.45.

They have sent it having converted into INR (Indian Rupees), I guess there was an option in account settings of having currency converted to your local currency before the cheque is sent to you or do you want the cheque to be sent in USD itself, I selected local Currency (INR) because the banks in India normally have very high charges for converting International payments to Indian Rupees, especially when it is USD / GBP (dont really know why, but I have always seen so).

In INR it shows INR 4524.27. As I am in UK at present, I asked my brother to scan the cheque before he deposits it into the bank, and he has done so, however I can't post it here as I have seen that people often delete or make certain parts of the cheque invisible before they post the scan or picture of the cheque online, I think due to some security reasons, as I am not aware of what should I not disclose on cheque.. I am not planning to post the scan copy of it online here.

Anyways.. Happy to have my first payment received from Google Adsense, this encourages me to try and keep writing or posting online on blogs to get me earn even more in future!