Sunday, April 24, 2011

My First Day in Birmingham - I am Meeting my Dreams

A great feeling to be on a countryside place, enjoying in the sun shine, a really bright and a lovely place to be at actually.

I am currently in Birmingham and it has apparently bean around 14 hours since I am here now. It feels really good, really calm everywhere around us. By God’s Grace, and thankful to my landlords and their relatives, who are really like a family to me now, I have been given a separate room for myself, where I can study, work, write, listen to music, read my books, surf internet and so on.. So in all, I have my own place in this wonderfully beautiful house.

After entering this house, I was imagining all that I was thinking while on my way on the motorway, all about the aim of my life, why I have come to UK and what is that I ultimately want, and all I realised is, I met my dreams on the way towards my AIM of Life. It was more like, MY dream just came across and greeted me saying, this is what I look like, see me, feel me, touch me, embrace me, enjoy me and today you are working hard for me so just be rest assured, one day I will be ALL YOURS.

The dream to make a beautiful house, which my family would then make it into a HOME. The dream to give a beautiful life to my parents and my family. The dream to make my parents feel proud of me, the dream to touch the sky one day (As Touching the sky for me is nothing but seeing immense happiness in the eyes and face of my parents, due to me). I feel really touched, I feel like my soul is wholly touched after I came here. Although I have been seeing this dream for years and years since the time I started my working career, I always thought of this in my heart, in my mind, in my thoughts and tried to feel it as if I was in it, and I was enjoying my dreams. Now I have been living in London for over 8 months almost, having made loads of good friends, travelling to the rich city on a daily basis, travelling on one of the World’s Busiest Tube (Metro) network ever, I never really saw this dream of mine just infront of my eyes till yesterday. Last night, as I was entering the house, all I could do is close my eyes and imagine this is what it will be next, this is how the house will be, this is where the living room has to be, this is where the garden must be, and whatever I was trying to imagine, it was all coming true. The moment I opened my eyes, all I could really think off is, THIS IS MY DREAM. I WANT TO ACHIEVE THIS IN MY LIFE. And on my way towards my aim of life, I just saw my dream and I am feeling it now.

The day has just started, there would ofcourse be loads more to experience and see. And Now I can really think it off as THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS. All that we think do materialises. Its just the matter of thinking positive and good all the time, the moment we do that, we win this world, we win everything we could imagine to have in our lives. I don’t know what people call it, but it was nothing less than LAW OF ATTRACTION. I don’t know if you would call it Law of Attraction or whatever the hell you call it, but all I know is, its WORKING. I can imagine everything materialising for me all that I think, negative or positive doesn’t matter, but it is just materialising.

However, as I said, the day has just started, lets see how things roll ahead in life. And I am thankful to God for all that he has bestowed me with so far and I am sure there is much much more to come ahead in life. Just can’t control the excitement. Let’s see, will try and write as much as I can.