Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I sleep a lot less these days....

I am a student, and in my early twenties.
I have recently developed this habit of sleeping close to just 5 hrs a day, sometimes it goes to the highest of 6 hrs, but at times its as low as 3.5 to 4 hrs a day. so my sleep in short fluctuates from 3.5 to 6 hrs a day depending on the type of work I do throughout the day.

Living in a cold country, UK, I do feel like sleeping every now and then, however, I now start putting control on my sleep, as so far I have only realised one thing, sleeping over 6 or 7 hrs a day just adds laziness to life.

I must admit everyone around me suggests to sleep between 10 - 11 in night and then get up in about 7 hrs time, but I now tend to sleep late in night / early mornings like 4.30-5 am and get up by 8.30 am and then again take a short nap in afternoon after lunch if I feel like taking one. I have really started believing lately, that sleeping overly than what is needed is just a waste of some really valuable time.

I am a completely newbie in this world of less sleep and more work (my work is mainly mindful and not at all physical as an Accountancy student), but these days, these last 2 weeks, I feel like I have added some really great extra hours to my days and I am really a lot more productive than I was earlier when I used to have a strict sleeping schedule of sleeping by 11 and getting up around 6.30 anyhow, as even after I used to get up at 6.30, I would feel somewhat lazy due to freezing cold at times, and sometimes just because I live alone so feel like staying in bed for a bit more time.

About a few months ago I watched some videos on youtube related to body-building, inspirational videos, speeches of successful people and I was really moved by their less sleeping and more working habits. When it came to controlling sleep, they suggested most of the hours till your body is really exhausted, its nothing but a mind game, where you have to get a grip on your mind thats asking you to sleep as its time to sleep and not because you need to sleep. So if you can get a grip on your mind and one way of doing that is changing time in all the clocks around you, including on your computer, cellphone, to the time that you believe you are most active.
Initially you might feel this is fake, but after a few days, your mind somehow starts believing what it sees day and night repetitively, as a reason of which, you tend to work easily for long hrs. I mostly set my clocks to times of countries that are around 4 to 5 hrs behind my current time zone, so If I am in London (GMT 0.00), I feel like setting time according to the time zone of GMT (-0530 hrs) as it gives me that extra 5 and half hrs to go on working. Now you might find this stupid, but as I said, I just do what works for me. And somehow, magically or technically, it just WORKS !...

I think I will try and increase physical activity in early morning hours by doing some Yoga / Normal exercises, etc. so that I make up physically by staying more fit and not getting ill due to less sleep, and also if you stay more fit, you tend to have better stamina to have self control on whatever you do in life, may that be sleeping habits, or anything else.

Thanks again to the write of this article for putting up such a great insight on sleeping habits of some very famous personalities, really liked to read it..