Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kaplan Entrance Barriers - Borough High Street, London

This one's mainly for Kaplan Students, although everyone else is welcome to read it as well.

This semester, which started from the month of July 2011, Kaplan introduced new Entrance Barriers at the  Entrance of its Borough High Street Building, located at 179-191 Borough High Street, City of London SE1 1HR

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Above is the google Map view of this centre.

Now coming back to the topic, We were knowing that the barriers were about to function somewhere near the start of Term 2 of the current Semester which begins in first or second week of the month of September 2011, however, surprisingly, I received an email from Kaplan Customer Services day before yesterday, informing of the barriers to start working from Monday Aug 8 2011, the first thing shooted in my mind as I read that email was, what was the meaning to pre informing students by circulating emails in advance, in this way, those students who are in Kaplan illegally or illegitimately, would get alert from talks around amongst other registered students, although I thought of discussing this with the Customer Services next day (Yesterday), but then, just thought, it doesn't really make any sense now, as the emails have already been circulated and that students are aware now very well of what is going to happen in the near future.

But to another surprise of me, the barriers started working YESTERDAY itself as the classes ended and students started leaving, it was awesome, in both ways, the way it worked and the way Kaplan started the barriers 1 working day in advance so that any students who didn't have Id cards won't be able to leave the premises now, as to leave the premises, they needed the Id cards to touch on the barriers for the barrier to them open up..

So in all, a really good experience, now more surprises are even about to come in near future when more students see this thing happening during the upcoming short term students at the Borough High Street Centre.

Although, I am completely unaware if this was being implemented in other centres as well of Kaplan Financial, but I am confident enough, if not today, might be sometime in near future, this was going to be implemented for sure in all its centre as the prime reason that stands in my eyes as a student of Kaplan, is to prevent students from attending classes without appropriate id cards, and also to prevent outsiders to just pop in anytime sometime for free wifi access and sometimes to use the Kaplan resources, like study rooms, cafe, washrooms, etc.. So yes... Much appreciated step by Kaplan Financial.

The only thing I am now waiting to see is, Kaplan changing the chairs in its classrooms, they are really uncomfortable and very old as well as told to us by fellow past students of Kaplan on various online communities.