Thursday, July 28, 2011

Brain Slows Down as Age Raises Up

Its not only your bones that get cracky or start showing of wear and tear as your Age Increases, but also the brain starts gently slowing down, both in reaction time and in the raw speed of learning new things, You might have seen, aged people often forget things, or have to write things down to make sure they make sense to them, this mainly is seen in daily routines while shopping for household items, Aged ones are asked to get something and they instead get something else...

There are ways to compensate for ageing and having brain memory remain strong, one way is to expose it to lot of things that make it think every now and then, may that be a simple way of learning a new way to office while driving or solving puzzles in newspapers or online, or even watching good documentaries, actively participating in sports and other get to gathers for discussions, etc. The more active your brain remains the more likely it is to stay up in its memory power and the speed with which it reacts back to things or problems.

Another way is to make sure to remain physically fit, not like an athlete, its not necessary to have six packs or run a marathon every 3 to 6 months (although would be a good thing if you run one in an year, just run, winning is not the necessity), but keeping fit in general like daily workout of 45 minutes which includes cardio (like some jogging), some stretching (to help relax your muscles and let every cell in your body have ready supply of Oxygen whenever it needs to react) and if possible some nice extra training which might be dance, Aerobics, Yoga, Weights, etc…. Anyone would be sufficient (you can have a mix of them designed on your schedule though).

Travelling would also add to it, mostly to nice interesting places (places that interest you), as the more you get out of normal routine, the more your brain has chances to face different scenarios and situations and different things, which makes it react in a different way, and the more this happens, the better your brain gets trained and developed to make sure ageing doesn't prove to be a hazard to its reaction speed or raw learning power.

So TRAIN YOUR BRAIN…. Thats the Key to Life Long Fitness….