Thursday, September 13, 2012

Apple Special Event - Sept 2012 - Watch Online

Wondered how you can watch the Sept 12 2012 Apple Special Event online?

Well, its fairly straight forward and doesn't require any special techie knowledge, except the knowledge of how to use a computer and basic internet (and iTunes if you want to watch offline, preferable if you have a unreliable internet connection)

All Tech related events and even non tech events, may that be Samsung, Google, Apple events or any major organisations Annual General meetings, they are all these days broadcasted live online or given online a few hours later the event has actually happened.

And so it is now for the most recent Apple Event which according to California Time happened started just about 12 and half hours ago from now.

So here are the ways you can immediately start watching the Sept 12 event online:

  1. Those who believe they are on high speed internet connection (high-speed broadband) which is fairly reliable and they don't face intermittent disconnections, can watch the event straight from Apple Events.

    Just click on the link above and make sure you have quicktime installed on your computer, if not, you can download Quicktime from Apple's website.
  2. Click on image to Enlarge

  3. And if you are like me and prefer having the entire event downloaded before watching so that just in case if the internet goes of, your entertainment is not disturbed neither you have to see those buffering moments between excitement, then you can also download the event completely for free and legally.

    Make sure you have iTunes downloaded and installed, if not, visit Apple iTunes to download it and then install it.

    Once installed iTunes, click on any of the below mentioned two links:

    Apple Keynotes
    Apple Keynotes (HD)

    Once the link opens, click on "View in iTunes" and once iTunes launches just click on "Subscribe Free" below any one of the above podcasts, as you click on subscribe free, you could see in left side bar on iTunes that the episodes are now downloading.

    From the downloads section in iTunes, you can pause all other episodes and just let it download the September 2012 special event.
    Click on image to Enlarge
There you go, you now have the latest Apple event downloaded in your laptop. Have fun watching it!