Monday, September 17, 2012

Finally, here is Mac OS X Mountain Lion (includes images of installation process)


I now have successfully installed the latest operating system by Apple, "Mac OS X Mountain Lion version 10.8.1". Upgrading it from Lion wasn't a big deal and although I did take Dropbox backup of my files and Time Machine Backup of entire machine (Macbook Pro) just in case if I happen to face any error during installation, nothing such happened and it was a fairly smooth ride of upgrading Lion to Mountain Lion.

Entire installation process, took a total of almost 2 hours, and all my fines remained intact and all applications except Parallels Desktop were working extremely awesome.

There were about two restarts in total during the installation process and each time I had to enter my login password after the computer started in order to continue with the Mountain Lion installation process.
A new thing was that, once the installation was over, the machine automatically started making time machine backups as usual, however, the first backup after the installation of Mountain Lion operating system had some files of approximately 11 GB.

This shows the overall size of newly added / modified files as a result of the Mountain Lion installation, this could include the 4 GB Mountain Lion installation setup file downloaded from Mac App Store as well as the newly installed / copied system files.

Here is the installation process in photos, taken either as screen shots on Mac during the installation process or through use of Sony Handycam DCR-SR62E and Blackberry Curve 9300 3G