Friday, September 14, 2012

Mac OS X Mountain Lion - very soon!

Final 1 and half hours before the installation of Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1) begins.

The download has been going on for over 36 hours now including frequent short time internet disconnections, BSNL Broadband has been giving me a pain for really long time now, however, now that the painful wait is about to come to an end, its time for some great excitement.

Its now time to take final Time Machine back up before I begin installing Mountain Lion just to ensure if installation fails I still have a way to recover my entire Macbook back to how it was before the installation had begun.

I have heard of people using third party softwares like Carbon Copy Cloner, however, I have in the past done Time Machine back up before installing Mac OS X Lion (10.7) operating system, and everything went pretty smooth and I have never needed to take any additional backups apart from backing up all my documents / important files on Google Drive and Dropbox and taking Time Machine Backups on a regular basis.

Therefore, I have decided to go ahead simply with Time Machine backup this time.