Thursday, September 13, 2012

New iTunes for iPad and iTunes for Desktop - Apple Event - Sept 2012

iTunes - New App specially for iPad

  • There is a new iTunes app made specially for the iPad, and the changes for the same are due to roll out on Sept. 19 along with the release of iOS 6
  • It has been reworked since people buy a ton of stuff on there.
  • New look has big tiles across the top.
  • Along with iTunes, the changes will also roll out to the App Store and the iBookstore.

Now, iTunes - Desktop App

  • The new iTunes is due for release in October 2012
  • Here are some features of the all new iTunes due next month.
  • The iCloud is built in, in the new version of iTunes.
  • There will be no source list on the left and now its just a drop - down.
  • Albums expand out like folders in iOS and OS X.
  • iTunes Store integration lets you browse other albums from within an album, there is alose a "classic" song list view.
  • With these changes, you can now see an entire music library and the playlist at the same time, When you drag an album from the list, it pulls up a little tab on the right side, aimed at helping people make playlist.
  • Another new feature called "up next" lets you see what songs are up next in a playlist or party mix.
  • This newer version lets you queue up songs you want to hear after a song is currently playing. (A really must needed feature that I have been waiting for a long time now)
  • New mini player for when you want to get the app out of your face, but have it floating on a part of your desktop.
  • New store page a lot like the ones on iOS with tiles.
  • Just like on iOS you can also hear a preview when you're browsing other parts of the store.
  • The store feels a little more like Apple TV in terms of movie discovery/browsing.
  • The gist of that: simplified UI, iCloud integration, new mini player.