Friday, September 21, 2012

Attitude of Indian Domestic Call Centres

Made two reliance prepaid services complaints in one day.

It is seriously awful the way these customer care executives respond to complaints and customer queries, so much lethargic, full of drowsiness and sound as if they are being forced to talk on phone by a group of fat, thick a*s goons who have kept gun on their forehead.

Whenever I speak to them, the kind of image I get in my mind is that of my call centre employment days, making outbound sales calls to customers based in UK and USA as well as quite often answering inbound after sales service / customer queries and complaints calls.

I remember at Effective Teleservices, Infocity, Gandhinagar, Gujarat (now known as Etech Inc.) we were trained for over 1 month just on how to sound polite and be effective and address customer queries while interacting with them in a enthusiastic way to ensure even an irate customer hangs up the call at least with a sense of positive contentment and satisfaction.

Although, those were international calls and these are local / national call centres answering calls for local customers, I believe it is more important to connect with customers speaking same native language as you than with those who are of a foreign nation and of a completely different culture than yours. Because if you can be of your own culture and understand people around you, only then can you make an effort to make sense of what those who are sitting thousands of miles away from you are trying to say and what is that their culture is and their style of communication is.

The customer care executives at local telecom call centres like the ones are Reliance Customer Care, are so rude and they think they are doing us a favor by answering our calls, they literally make fun of customers on calls and very often don't even talk to the customers and instead simply either put them on hold without letting them know before doing so, or even more conveniently, just hang up the call.

I remember about 3 years back from now, a friend of mine made a call to Airtel Customer Care (121) in night around 2 am and the customer care executive literally abused him, said dirty slangs and hung up the call. When he called again, he even abused him more. It felt as if he is the only one answering our calls or may be everyone at Airtel Customer Care centres are trained to be abusive to customers in night time.

Anyways, I will put details of my complaints in the posts that follow on after this post. The reason I will be doing so is because I want to make it public in a big way, how Reliance is treating its customers are how unresponsive and heedless are they when it comes to customer issues.