Friday, September 21, 2012

Complaint 1 - Reliance Blackberry Services - GSM Prepaid (PayG) Connection

So here is my first complaint made to Reliance Blackberry Customer Care (by calling at *389).

I have used Blackberry services on Reliance GSM Prepaid connection for over 1 month and on 19 Sept 2012, my existing blackberry services expired and I had to renew my services, the services were not renewed automatically as I didn’t have sufficient balance at that time on my mobile (Rs. 398 for BIS for 1 month)

In order to activate the required BB Services pack, I sent the sms ACT BBPRELITE13 to 53739 on 20 Sept 2012 2:25 am and activated BlackBerry Messaging Bundle Plan (BISLite) for 1 day, I got the sms that my services had been activated and Rs. 13 were immediately deducted from my main account balance. However, after half an hour I was still unable to use the services. I contacted Reliance Blackberry Customer Care on *389 and I was told that it takes 3 hours for the service to activate.

I tried to use the service in morning 10 am on 20 Sept 2012, BBM / Blackberry email, etc. was still not working, I called up reliance customer care and put a complaint and they said it would be resolved in 48 hours, I said, my BBM plan is just for one day, I need to it to resolved immediately, the person on the other side said, they are looking into it and it must get sorted in about an hour’s time.

However, after an hour, I was still unable to use BBM services and nothing was working at all, I called *389 again and spoke to someone named VEDA and I told her, that morning 10 am onwards is the peak time when I need to use BBM services and given it was Bharat Bandh (India Close Call) on 20 Sept 2012, I was working for home and so for work related communication I needed my BBM Services to operate as quickly as possible, and if they cannot activate it, please refund me my money and deactivate my services, I will activate it on my other prepaid connection phone. I was told, there is nothing she could do about it in any manner, however when I pushed her by saying “Do you mean my money and services both are gone?”, she says that your services are deactivated already and it shows here that your Blackberry APN settings are incorrect and so you can’t use the services, I said, “Please clear two things, I am not able to use the service because my services are deactivated at your end or because my Blackberry APN settings are incorrect”, she didn’t say anything and I said, whats going on? Can you please activate my service or give me my money back?

She said nothing and I then asked her to let me speak to her supervisor, she said, the supervisor is not available till 2 pm, and if I want to speak to a supervisor, I will have to call after 2 pm.

I said, what about my money that you have deducted, she says, she can’t do anything and finally after much force, she gave me a complaint number: 187623938 and hung up the call.

A few hours later, I received a call from someone named Dinesh in evening around 5:30 pm, who claimed to be calling from Reliance Prepaid Customer Care department.
He asked me to cancel the existing plan of Rs. 13 per day by sending sms DACT BBPRELITE13 to 53739 so that it doesn’t auto renew itself to avoid further balance deductions and that he would forward my complaint for waiver (refund) or Rs. 13.

However, ever since he asked me to do so, I tried deactivating my plan around 200 times (by sending the above mentioned sms)and every time I get the response, “Your request could not be processed, please try again later, We regret the inconvenience. Reliance”
In regards to this I made about 4 to 5 calls to customer care informing them of the situation.

When I made a call at 6:30 pm, I was told to call after an hour as their system is facing congestion.

I then called around 7:30 pm I was again asked to call after an hour as their systems are not working fine.

I then again called at 8:30 and the concerned person asked me to call after 10 pm, he said by then the systems would be up and running once again. At 10 pm, I am being told by someone named “Mangesh” that there is nothing he could do about it as the system is not responding and there is no one available to escalate the complaint to, and so I will have to wait till morning to get this problem resolved.

I told him what about the deduction of another Rs. 13 from my main balance account tonight as if I don't deactivate it, it will automatically get renewed, he said “if it gets deducted we will look into it in morning”

This is really ridiculous, they did nothing for the whole day today from morning 3 am till night 10 pm and at night 10 pm I am being told to call in morning 8 am.

This made me hate reliance and its customer care executives and the way they deal with customer issues. As a result of this, I posted a long complaint on several online consumer complaints forums and websites with a thought, I might get some response from someone from Reliance GSM Services giving me a positive resolution to this issue.