Friday, September 21, 2012

Complaint 2 - Reliance GSM Services - Night Calling Pack

Alright, before I go on typing this complaint, I want to tell something, I was already feeling super angry on Reliance Customer Care people and I had almost decided to ditch Reliance forever and go to some other provider after my existing services expire.

But this new issue, the timings of this issue and the kind of response I was given by customer care executive person, I literally felt as if I am being ganged upon and it is the time I must actually go and lodge a complaint against reliance for consumer fraud and mental harassment.

So here is the complaint:

I am a user of Reliance GSM Prepaid connection in Gujarat (India)

On 20 Sept I activated night calling pack of Rs. 69, for unlimited reliance mobile to reliance mobile calls all over India from night 11 pm to morning 6am for 15 days.

Now I made 2 calls to a reliance mobile in Delhi one at 20 Sept 2012 at 11:02 pm and another on same day at 11:29 pm and one call to local reliance mobile in Gujarat at 11:30 pm, I was charged for all these three calls (although I was not supposed to be charged).

I called up customer care, they answered the call, said that the "network is down" and disconnected the call.

This is just so much ridiculous, at I just fail to understand the reason why these executives are not even ready to listen to customers.

Having already been through one complaint and following up on that complaint for almost whole day having wasted too much time, I was now very exhausted and just didn't feel like doing anything except screaming at them and yelling at them asking them to explain what is happening and when and how will I get my money back for those three calls and from when onwards can I start using my night calling again.

I made another complaint regarding this night calling issue.

The person then transfers the call to his supervisor named Zuber and I am told that my Plan for night calling is not active at all and it was never active in the first place.

I asked him if it is so, can he see that I made a call last night (20 Sept 2012) at 1 am on a Reliance Mobile number and the call lasted for for 40 something minutes and I was not charged for this call, he said he doesn't know.

I asked him, if he doesn't know whom should I speak to, he said he is registering my complaint and it will be resolved in next 48 hours, I asked if my plan is now active and whether or not can I use it, he says, no I must not use it as the plan is not active.

I told him that I have the information of the electronic recharge of Rs. 69 like the time of recharge, transaction id, receipt number, etc. I can give him that but I want my plan to be activated, he says, he cannot do anything as of now and he disconnected my call.

Just the way he hung up my call so abruptly without even properly listening to me, I felt like if this man was standing in front of me, I would have literally hit him damn hard.

After the call was disconnected, in about 2 to 3 minutes time, I received sms saying that my complaint has been registered and the complaint Id is: 187692243.

if anyone from reliance customer care is reading this complaint, the electronic recharge information is as follows:

Receipt No: AMIR26052945
Relationship Number: 600142606004
Subscriber Number: 08905680129
Transaction Reference Number: 25058217
Payment Date and Time: 20 Sept 2012 00:49:06
Payment Amount: Rs. 69
Payment Mode: Debit Card
Authorisation Code: MHCC2812502547

After such a bad day fighting for my own services, that I have already paid for in advance before I even started using them, I have now decided to cancel all my subscriptions and services of reliance and just wait till my existing paid for services expire and once they do, it probably is time to shift to some other mobile service provider.