Monday, December 24, 2012 offers - Play Games and win Free Mobile Credit (Recharge), a well-known website that offers mobile credit (E-Recharge) for your purchases and participation in several online competitions and purchases, has today announced contest where you can have the chance to win mobile credit balance provided you play games enlisted below.

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*Contest winners are selected randomly.

While the credit offered isn't of very high value, considering constant drop in call charges in Indian Telecom Sector, in some cases, mobile credit of Rs. 25 could mean over 125 mins of free calling minutes.

You are not however assured of getting this reward as below it states that the contest winners are selected randomly.

Hence, you may or you may not win, but hey! playing a game and getting some free talktime, doesn't seem to be a bad deal, and even if you don't get free talktime, what you loose?

So guys, click on the links above to play any of the games and get started!

Have Fun...