Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Stanford University - Introduction to Databases - Free Online Course Starts Jan 15 2013

Stanford's one of the most popular free online course "Introduction to Databases", was a huge success when first offered as Stanford's one of the first three inaugural MOOCs in Feb 2011, when tens of thousands of students joined it online.

It is now being offered for the second time starting on Jan 15, 2013, Stanford reports, that the materials have been expanded and improved since its first original offering, hence it is definitely a go go, not only for first time learners but may be also for those who are looking to brush up their knowledge of databases.

Definitely, Stanford is one of the most reputed Education Institutions in the world, and courses offered officially by Stanford's tutors are always expected to be of highest quality.

What Course Covers:

This ten-week public course covers database design and the use of database management systems for applications. It includes extensive coverage of the relational model, relational algebra, and SQL. It also covers XML data including DTDs and XML Schema for validation, and the query and transformation languages XPath, XQuery, and XSLT. The course includes database design in UML, and relational design principles based on dependencies and normal forms. Many additional key database topics from the design and application-building perspective are also covered: indexes, views, transactions, authorization, integrity constraints, triggers, on-line analytical processing (OLAP), JSON, and emerging NoSQL systems.

Prior Knowledge Needed:

The course does not assume prior knowledge of any specific topics, however a solid computer science foundation -- a reasonable amount of programming, as well as knowledge of basic computer science theory -- will make the material more accessible.

Course Start Date and Registration:

The Course begins January 15, 2013 and those who are interested can register for the course on the below link.