Tuesday, December 18, 2012

BSNL Complaints and customers' worst experiences

I have been using BSNL Broadband for several years now, not because I like BSNL's services or I am strangely fond of BSNL but because there is no other home broadband service provider available in my area.

Recently, BSNL suffered a full system wide hack from internet activist group Anonymous, I firmly supported their reason for hacking BSNL Servers and even revealing stupid passwords to their server databases, most of which were "password123". BSNL is an Indian state-owned enterprise, hence the adversaries of Government negligence and incompetent behaviour are inherent in any services you agree to purchase from BSNL.

Now, I am quite thankful to USB Internet connections (Mobile broadband dongles) as a reason of which I have now decided to quit BSNL Connection completely and rather than spending double of what I am currently spending on Tata Photon, I could spend a bit more on Tata Photon, or may be go for an additional USB internet connection just in case if one goes down.

Actually, the reason  recently purchased Tata Photon+ was just because I wanted to have it as a backup in case my BSNL internet connection goes down, but to my surprise ever since I have purchased Tata Photon+, I have ended up not at all using BSNL, partly due to very intermittent connection and constant drops and partly because of the ease of using a USB Internet Connection, of course there is flexibility and I can use it even on the go while I am not at home.

Here is a copy of the most recent complaint I filed just today at BSNL Office, through email as well as on Consumer Complaints Forum:

Respected Sir,
My BSNL Landline Phone number is: xxx - xxxxxxxx
In past 3 months, I have lodged several complaints in regards to BSNL Broadband connectivity issues.
Every time I lodge a complaint, on the next day I get a call from Local BSNL Exchange office asking if the BSNL is working or not, when I tell them that Internet Connectivity is down, although I have DSL Link showing up, one old man who calls himself Line-Man comes to my home, changes the telephone wire, checks the telephone by making a local phone call and leaves the home saying that now it is fine.
I tell him that I never had a complaint with the telephone, my complaint is about frequent PPPoE disconnections of my BSNL Broadband, he doesn't even know what PPPoE means.
In past week alone I am facing disconnections of internet at almost every 5 to 10 mins throughout the day and many times it doesn't work at all for several hours.
When I try calling at 1504 from my Land-Line telephone, no one responds call at all, it just keeps ringing for about a minute or so and then the call disconnects automatically.
I want to request you to please take some action.
I have been facing these issues for over 3 months now with no appropriate response at all. These many disconnections are actually giving a lot of trouble in my day to day work.
Even right now as I am typing email, my internet is disconnecting every now and then, please see the attached image showing WAN status of my BSNL Broadband connection.
I tried calling someone named Mr. Mishra on 079 - 2274 3333, the man simply disconnected my call by saying that the problem is with cable, not internet. He is not even answering the call now, his mobile number is - 094276 10320. He is not answering on his mobile phone as well.
This is ridiculous the way customers are being treated.
Kindly look into it asap.
Thanks in anticipation.

Now lets see if they take any action or not, else this would probably be the last month of BSNL's broadband services.