Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Free WiFi on London Underground - 2013

In summer of 2012, TfL (Transport for London), announced free WiFi during Olympics in the city of London, users were allowed free internet access deep down in the underground stations. This was started in partnership with Virgin Media.

Free Wifi? @ MacLiveExpo
Due to the tremendous success of the trial, they went on increasing free WiFi till the end of 2012.

Now, the free WiFi is about to come to an end in January 2013, meaning those who want to use WiFi on London underground (tube) stations, they will have to pay for it.

However, today Virgin Media has sent out emails to previously registered London Underground WiFi users, that they can still use the WiFi after the free trial period provided they are Virgin Media Broadband, Virgin Mobile Pay Monthly, Vodafone, EE, Orange or T-Mobile customers.

Respective users can register on the appropriate links below in order to continue using Free WiFi in January 2013

Virgin Media

Virgin Broadband or Virgin Mobile Pay Monthly customer? Click here

EE, Orange or T-Mobile customer? Click here
Vodafone customer? 
Click here

All other users of WiFi, which I am sure there are hundreds and thousands of them at this moment as its completely free and a really good privilege to stay connected or just browse internet, make some video calls, etc which you are waiting for the train to arrive, you guys will now have to purchase a Virgin Media WiFi pass, the details of which.

A Quick Tip for Non Virgin Media / EE / Orange / T-Mobile or Vodafone Customer

Those, who are not using one of the above mobile services, I would actually recommend getting a free PayG (Pay as you Go) sim card delivered to your home and irrespective of whether or not you use it for daily purposes, you can simply register using that sim card and get to use free WiFi.

Well certainly, loads and loads of people would have those of this "get around" way and if sometime in future Virgin Media knows about it and starts to put some extra condition in order to avoid non customer of above providers using WiFi for free, then you will have to purchase a WiFi pass.

According to TfL website, Virgin Media will then launch a service where you can buy a daily, weekly or monthly WiFi Pass to get online, although I doubt people would like to pay for using such services hardly for a few mins on the station, but hey! its London, you never know what will happen!, undoubtedly quite a dynamic city with loads of surprises all the time.

Virgin Media Email Circular