Saturday, December 22, 2012

Protests at India Gate against Delhi Gang-Rape Incident

Hundreds and thousands of youth have gathered at India Gate and Raisina Hill in Delhi protesting against the incident of Delhi gang rape, they all demand justice, they all want actions to be taken against such crimes and proactiveness from Police and Govt. that can prevent such crimes from happening ever again.

Its utterly ridiculous that Police is treating these protestors through Lathi charge, hitting the protestors, and through Water Cannons. No this is not acceptable, and this is not just about Delhi, but about entire nation.

We all demand swift actions against such incidents, these incidents are happening in hundreds of villages and cities all across India.

Where was the Lathi of Delhi Police when the girl was forced to go through such horrendous incident a few days ago, where are these policemen when thousands and millions of girl even as of now are facing eve-teasing issues and have to often hide themselves away from group of boys / men with a fear that they might misbehave with them either by the means of words or in physical manner.

Come on India's politicians and those charged with governance, its time you prove your competency to us or tell us that you are not able to do anything to fight against such crimes in this world.

We need answers, we demand justice, we are Indians, we have chosen you to run our nation. Tell us it is not our mistake to allow you to run our nation, or step down from the responsibility of running our nation.