Friday, December 21, 2012

Just Received my BSc (Hons) Degree Certificate from Oxford Brookes University / ACCA

What an ultimate sense of achievement!
Today I received my Degree Certificate for my Honours Bachelors of Science in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University, feels really awesome.

The journey that started in January 2010, when I first decided to pursue ACCA in London, UK has now ended 'academically'. I have already appeared for my final set of ACCA exams, and alongside my ACCA qualification, I have obtained my Bachelors Degree from Oxford Brookes University.

I deeply thank to my parents, my tutors, ACCA, Oxford Brookes and some amazing friends I have had opportunity to meet with in this journey. Just loved some of the experiences I happened to come across, although there were some bitter parts of it, but even they taught me a lot more than what I would have expected otherwise.

Here's a snapshot of my Degree Certificate.

{Image Removed due to reported misuse by Oxford Brookes University}


  1. hey man congrats on your BSC from OBU. can you help me with RAP projects?

  2. Hey, I'm about to embark on this and wanted to ask you a question: What exams do you need to have passed in order to start this off?

    Also do they let you know you can start it or something?

    Congratulations and thanks for any help :)

  3. Lewis once u complete paper f4 to f9 and complete your ethics module.

    Full info can be found at


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