Friday, December 21, 2012

Webcam Toy - Paul Neave - Chrome Experiment

There are tons and tons of Chrome Experiments available on the internet through WebGL Chrome Experiments website, one great experiment created by Paul Neave is Webcam Toy,

Its an amazing new experiment that lets users use various camera effects, although there are various third party softwares or native softwares created by laptop / computer manufacturers like Dell, Apple Mac's photobooth etc. but this new experiment allows you to do the same thing and in fact much use a lot more effects right through your browser without the need for any particular software.

Here are some images:

The experiment is really one of the most successful WebGL experiments shown so far, as per the information by Author, Paul Neave, it is developed using JavaScript, jQuery, WebGL, getUserMedia.

Visit Webcam Toy page on Chrome Experiments website for more information.