Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Udacity Student launches a company with Team - Featured on TechCrunch

Here comes another inspiring story of a Udacious High School Student who has went on launching Perfect Menu and not only did he successfully launch his new company, but was also featured in TechCrunch.

From Flickr, By AJC1 - CC BY-SA 2.0

The name of the student is Andrew, he is a 17 year old High School Student and a Udacian!.

The only format computer programming education Andrew happened to take is the Introduction to Computer Programming Course CS101 from Udacity which is one of the most famous courses at present on Udacity.

Andrew stated, “Udacity has helped me structure the way that I program.  Before I took the course, I had a very chaotic way of programming.  Udacity really helped with this.”

On the basis of that programming background, Andrew participated in Startup Weekend at Bend, Oregon. That's where he ended up meeting Aviv who had come with a clear idea of starting up Perfect Menu and was looking to develop a team around this idea.

At the end of the weekend, their team won Founders Pad accelerator session and along with success on their competition, they also had their first paying customer by the end of the weekend.

Currently Andrew is enrolled on Udacity's How to Build up a Startup: the Lean Launchpad course taught by Steve Blank. He is also enrolled with Software Debugging Course at Udacity in order to go on self-educating himself through Udacity.