Tuesday, December 25, 2012

You Broadband - Ultra High Speed yet Super Cheap plans

I haven't noticed You Broadband until recently I visited a shopping mall, and on my blackberry handset I was able to access internet using the Shopping Mall's WiFi hotspot.

As I connected to the WiFi hotspot, it took me to the login page of You Broadband. I had heard of you broadband several times, but didn't give much thought as I had an image of it being a low cost provider with not much credibility or reliability in its internet connection.

However, my perception changed after I used WiFi in shopping mall for about 15 minutes on my mobile and then about 35 mins on my laptop. The connection was quite stable even though I could see lots and lots of other people around me sitting on their laptop accessing internet, now because I could not see any other connected device to their laptop such as USB Internet stick, etc. I assumed they were using Internet through the WiFi hotspot.

By Gavin St. Ours on Flickr

In fact, people often visit the shopping complex, not for any work but simply to use internet in the seating lounge for free. So after I reached back home, I started doing some research on You Broadband, and Hey Presto! I was surprised by the plans it has in offering in the city of Ahmedabad, both in terms of available download limit and the speed it allowed. Having already tested the internet connection at the shopping mall, I wasn't much concerned about the speed, my concern was, being cheated by You Broadband, as I have heard many other ISPs do, by saying that you allowed download limit is already over and so now onwards you would be charged for your usage, not only that, quite often, they simply start charging at extremely high rates and the charges are unknown to the customer unless they see their bill at the end of the billing cycle.

Now, before I go on to data plans, let me first inform about what is You Broadband. You Broadband was set up in 2001 by British Gas as Iqara Broadband, later in 2006, You Broadband and Cable Limited became a CitiGroup venture capital International owned company.

The company now offers, Broadband, dedicated VoIP (Internet Telephony) services, Web Hosting products, WiFi Broadband and other Online value added services such as You Play, You Learn, You Call and so on..

The best offers that I found really suitable based on my internet usage (which is quite heavy actually) are:

It offers high speed usage for upto 10 times more bandwidth usage then regular broadband providers such as BSNL, Tata Indicom, Tata Photon and so on. Not only that, it has also kept its prices very heavily competitive and are in fact quite low as compared to other nationwide ISPs.

I am unaware of how reliable the customer service is, as I have not yet been a customer of them, but I had a chat through Live Online Chat link on their website to clear some of the queries before I could go on writing this article, and I must say, they were quite responsive (but may be that was because it was a pre sales enquiry sort of thing)

There are however certain drawbacks, or I would say certain limitations, the big one being:
It is only available in following citites:
  • Ahmedabad
  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Gurgaon
  • Hyderabad
  • Mumbai
  • Navi Mumbai
  • Powai
  • Pune
  • Surat
  • Thane
  • Vadodara
  • Vishakapatnam
Hence, while smaller / non-metro cities like Vishakapatnam are covered, larger metropolitan areas like the Nation's capital itself, Delhi is yet to be made available on its list.

Apart from this, even in the above list, you will have to find out by calling the local You Broadband office / dealer or customer care centre, if its available precisely in your area, as I have found that You Broadband generally covers only the main city areas not if people are living in the outskirts of cities.

The contact numbers for customer care can be obtained on its CONTACT US page.