Thursday, January 31, 2013

Apple's latest XCode release: XCode 4.6

Apple recently released a new version of its super popular suite of software development tools called XCode.

Apple mentioned that XCode 4.6:

Includes SDKs for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and iOS 6.1.
Code completion heuristics are more accurate, and use an optimised default data set.
New compiler warnings help identify potential bugs when using ARC and weak references.
C++11 support for 'user defined literals' and 'unrestricted unions' features.
Debugger can inspect elements within NSArray or NSDictionary objects.
Analyse now performs deeper cross-function static analysis of Objective-C and C++ code.
The number of indexing passes is reduced due to improved dependency checking.
Additional bug fixes and stability improvements.

It can ONLY be downloaded from the App Store. Here is the DIRECT LINK FOR THAT. The download is free from Mac App Store.

What I particularly don't like about this software or in fact any software that we must and must only download from Mac App Store is that, why are they not downloadable from Apple's website or other third party websites?

Apple must really give direct HTTP links to download the softwares directly from the website, while some updates are available to download from Apple Support website, some aren't and XCode is one of those.

Downloading 1.33 GB over not so reliable internet connection could be a really troublesome experience, but the positive side of using Mac App store is, just like a download manager, it can pause and resume downloads in case your internet connection drops, but on the negative side, it doesn't automatically reattempt download after a set interval, instead someone has to be present to resume the download once the interent connection is back.

Apart from this one trouble, everything else is super amazing with XCode and I definitely love to use it for software development purposes on a commercial base as well as for educative purposes.