Monday, February 25, 2013

How to: Change Background / Text Color on all webpages

Its a tough thing when it comes to reading some large piece of text on a super bright screen with white background and black coloured text.

There are several ways available now to change the background color and text color in individual applications, such as kindle app, Adobe Reader, etc.

However, I often happen to read articles, news, etc. online on the internet directly through the web, instead of download pdf newspapers / magazines / etc. After I started reading for long hours, I happened to feel strain on my eyes due to so much white light on the screen. I often tried reducing the brightness of the screen, but that didn't do any good either, as that would actually make text less readable hence, I would need to put more pressure on my eyes trying to understand the text on the screen.

A quick search on the internet, gave me a extension on Chrome Web Store for Google Chrome browser called CHANGE COLORS.

This small extension simply inverts the colors and changes text, background and http links to whatever you desire.

This is what looks after I applied this extension to work on my Google Chrome Browser

The settings are quite straight forward, just click and select whatever color you wish to for background, text and hyper links. the extension can be obtained directly from Chrome Web Store.

This makes text super readable on the internet and undoubted one of the best and super helpful extension out there on the internet, feels a lot less strain on eyes and could read for much longer times than earlier on my laptop.

Even better, its a chrome extension, and so it would work on all platforms hence, no worries about what operating system you are onto.