Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Live C-Section Birth on Twitter -- Houston's Memorial Hermann hospital

Cousin Kim New Born Baby Boy

Twitter has raised to further heights and this time, it is a matter of a new life. Moments of how a new born enters into this world would go live on twitter tomorrow.

Whether you call it a technology boom or anything you wish, this could mean a lot for those family members who are unable to physically attend the 'would be' mother at the hospital during the birth time.

Women’s Memorial Hermann Hospital at Memorial City Medical Center will take the public into the OR to reveal what happens during a Caesarean section (C-section) and provide a glimpse into one family’s miracle of birth during a live Twittercast (@houstonhospital) and hashtag #MHbaby

The identity of the 39 year old mother who agreed for this event will remain undisclosed

This is Twitter’s first live surgical birth and viewers can follow through the birthing process, from pre-admission testing and anesthesia to the first surgical incision and delivery of the baby. Live, up-close video, still photography and play-by-play tweets will inform and educate the public along the way.

Definitely this is going to be very useful for families when it comes to becoming aware of what the normal surgery process is and this being one of the most common operations that women go through during birth process, this would also educate them and remove the fear of not being aware of the process before actually going through the process.

Obstetrician Anne Gonzalez will be assisted by Dr. Amelia Chu, who will wear a GoPro head camera to give followers a live-streaming surgeon's-eye view of the procedure. Obstetrician and gynecologist Sherri Levin, meanwhile, will answer followers' questions and explain what's happening during the operation.

For men, who are expecting their child or even just for educative purposes, this would be a truly life changing experience, as they would be actually able to witness the surgery live with explanations to procedures during the operation.

Do let us know what you think of this live broadcast of Caesarean section in comments below.