Tuesday, February 19, 2013

David Cameron's India Visit - Pure display of Britain's vested interests

Today I finally decide to let out my thoughts on what Britain has been upto lately when it comes to international students (not just Indian Students).

I studied in Britain for a period of over 2 and half years, started my ACCA education at Kaplan Financial in London in Aug 2010 and finished my ACCA qualification by Dec. 2012.

It took me 2 years and I passed all my ACCA exams in first attempt with highest scores amongst all other Kaplan Financial International Students in one subject, and also featured in ACCA Student Accountant Magazine - Jan 2012 issue.

However, in April 2012, months before I achieved my graduation degree, UK closed its post study work visa route and hence I was unable to secure a work visa at the end of my education. In lieu of Post Study Work visa, UKBA announced other work visa routes and entrepreneur's visas for those who want to work in the UK.

Now I am at this time, sitting jobless, applied on several hundreds of jobs so far, still haven't secured any job offer whatsoever, thanks to UK and its stupid immigration policies.

However when it comes to work visa, under the current Tier 2 (General) route, maximum number of applicants allowed in one UK financial year is 20,700 skilled workers if your salary is below £150,000 and there is no cap if your salary is at least £150,000.

But here comes the catch, your "would be" employer needs to give you a Certificate of Sponsorship and this job offer can only be for a skilled job that CANNOT BE FILLED BY A SETTLED WORKER.

Now in order to issue a Certificate of Sponsorship to a migrant (non-EU candidate), the employer has to complete a RESIDENT LABOUR MARKET TEST. This is the test that is designed to prove that there is no suitable settled worker who can do the job.

The exemption to this RESIDENT LABOUR MARKET TEST is when the job being offered to a migrant is one of those mentioned on the SHORTAGE OCCUPATION LIST.

Unfortunately, it seems government is least bothered to update this list, and this list as of current time (7:15 AM Tuesday, February 19, 2013 GMT), the list is not downloadable.

This is just a few of what employers are going through when it comes to employing migrants.

Apart from this, for those small firm owners who don't even have a sponsorship license, they need to apply for the license the procedure for which is again a bit cumbersome and employers are just not willing to do it considering the current economic conditions. Employers want to save as much as they can and don't really want to give out anything to Government, even in terms of getting a sponsorship license.

After these all restrictions, if David Cameron says, he is welcoming Indian students, even after his completely opposite "hate britain" speech towards other poor EU countries which David Cameron is scared of if they all start pumping in Britain endlessly, it all is just a scam.

He doesn't want Indian Students, he has already kept super tight regulations on securing a job offer in the Britain for international applicants and then he wants Indian students, that shows all he wants them is for money. Universities are shutting down, several years worth of professors in reputed colleges are suddenly becoming job less and going on starting their own businesses outside Britain (at least that is what I witnessed with a few Kaplan Financial's most senior tutors), and Britain is consistently and gradually dying.

This all speech about Indian students, professionals and investors are welcomed to Britain is simply for the benefit of the UK not Indians or any other international students, professionals, because Britain has vested interests in securing fighter jets deal that currently India seems to have been putting in favour of France, Britain wants to have its brands being sold in the Indian Markets, it wants to expand its super store chains and other consumer business in the India, because earning from India and other developing countries is what it is eyeing for as it is becoming completely empty from within with so many scandals, super huge bank bonuses, political dramas, EU crisis, etc etc.

I have myself been an international student and studied in the UK for years and successfully completed and graduated from one of the world's most reputed universities and professional body (ACCA - Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), I would whole heartedly recommend to all my readers and fellow students, be careful. Britain at this time is not welcoming you at all, all they want is your money.

You have no job prospects and you have no career prospects at the end of your education. It would be much better to first get a job offer and then go on getting education which could be completely sponsored by your employer.
For eg. Graduate Programmes in the UK are on a rise and they are hiring international applicants (at least they are accepting applications) and once hired by them they pay for your professional qualification and give you salary as well.

Don't go to the UK purely on the basis of full time student, that will land you no where and I have seen and experienced that, for a person like me who belongs to a middle class family, that was a heart wrecking situation that I am still dealing with and yet to overcome from although I had such good education and grades in such less time duration.