Tuesday, February 12, 2013

50GB free online storage for Life: Box.com

So few days ago, various tech journalists and tech news websites reported about Box offering free 50GB online storage to its new users, and that is all for free for lifetime no charges no credit cards needed whatsoever.

I just signed up for Box.com and got my 50 GB free storage straightaway right after confirming my email address, here is the screenshot of my dashboard page

When I went on signing up straight away through Box website, it didn't work, they showed just 5 GB of free storage, however visited this sign up page and then sign up, you must get the 50 GB free storage.

No idea till how long will this work, but as of now its working as I have just signed up about 10 minutes ago and it completely worked for me as you can see in the screenshot above.

On the sign up page it shows that the link is for Dell users, however when you sign up there is no pre-requisite or any pre-check / pre-validation to ensure that you are a Dell user, so even if you are not a Dell user (I am a Mac user) it works, and you can still get 50 GB of free storage.