Thursday, February 7, 2013


A teenager in USA is getting rewarded (not simply 'paid') by her father for deactivating her Facebook account.

Well, this wasn't just a verbal agreement between father and daughter, in fact it was a on-paper signed contract, signed by both the Father as well as the Daughter (Rachel).

Rachel says, that she plans to use money for "STUFF".

I really wish to see more and more parents / guardians getting their children to deactivate their facebook profile, or may be children themselves start asking their parents and I guess it would be a really difficult saying "NO" for parents, just in case if they wished to do so.

For me, personally, this is definitely a great thing to hear, there have been news about people taking break from but hey! getting paid to not use I would definitely love that.

These days people are realizing that facebook has become more of a waste of time then entertainment or productivity, hence people are anyways taking break from facebook at least that is what is reported in a recent article by Yahoo News.

In fact, I haven't logged into my facebook account on my computer for over a week now, and hardly visit facebook on my smartphone (generally only when there's a message or something..). The only thing that results in posts on my facebook wall is when I tweet something, the tweet automatically goes on to facebook wall.

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