Saturday, April 13, 2013

Google, Can you sponsor a Google Campus in Ahmedabad (India)

Having lived in London for over 2 years during my international education in Chartered Accounting (through ACCA) and keen interest in pure Tech and business aspects of Tech, I used to spend a lot of time in Campus London at Bonhill Street in London.

I am now done with my education and back in India, in my home city of Ahmedabad.

Just started learning some new courses on internet through MOOCs and have been looking for some good place to just sit and do my work as well as learn new stuff as well as network with other professionals and may be plan out a startup in IT such as an App Development business.

However, there is an acute shortage of such places in Ahmedabad, its only Cafes that are the places for such meetings and considering the size of cafes (number of seats), it just isn't a viable option to sit in Cafe for the whole day and plan out business or share / discuss knowledge or learn new stuff and develop new skills that could help in a future business careers for young minds.

Besides, there are no places for get togethers, for seminars, for meetings, for documentary screenings and so on..

I went to British Library near Law Garden in Ahmedabad and I was told that they are not even allowing taking in Laptop at the sitting places as of now as there is a "HUGE DEMAND" for that facility and so as they allow that they are like to face too much of crowd and no sitting space at all, in fact the manager, Mr. Kulkarni, clearly told me that he had seen times when professionals and students were sitting on ground near the book shelves with their laptops and that was something they didn't find comfortable and so they completely stopped allowing laptops inside the British library, Ahmedabad.

Such is the demand and here people don't expect services to be free of cost, they are actually willing to pay membership fees for services like that, for WiFi, for cool ambiance, for seminars, for meetings and so on. For example, British Library in London is a free place to sit and study or just roam around or even use internet, but here in India, British Libraries charge a good amount for yearly memberships which are divided into several different packages depending on number of books / DVDs/ Music CDs etc one wants to borrow on a monthly / weekly basis.

Hence it could not only be a great social service to provide a good place to sit and work on great business ideas but also a viable business plan for any organisation / investor.

Specially considering the fact there are no such places at the moment, any move in this direction would mean immensely successful.

There is a group called Google Developers Group (GDG) Ahmedabad, they arrange seminars, learning events and even competitions, the latest of them was Google Mapathon and because they don't have any resident place they keep looking out for hotel conference rooms in various parts of Ahmedabad and not only is that a issue but also that it doesn't allow like minded people to meet regularly, it only facilitates for that one day of meeting after which there is no proper place for all those great minds to come again together and work collaboratively on something.

Great developments, successful businesses, amazing innovations are all a continuous thing and not just a one of event which lasts for just 2 days a month or so.

If someone is willing to assist me setup a place like Google Campus in Ahmedabad, India, please do contact me via this blog in comments section or my LinkedIn Profile or through my Twitter handle.

And Google, if you or any other big corporations are reading this, please do think over it, any progress towards this end would be highly appreciable and we will actually be quite thankful for that.