Monday, April 1, 2013

Google's April Fool - 2013, Nasal Search, Blue Gmail and its Official, Youtube is SHUTTING DOWN!!

Google is all set to FOOL people with its several "April Fool" day ventures, here are  few I have come across so far:

Google Nose (beta):

Google says, Smelling is Believing!

Go ahead and smell it by clicking on "Try Google Nose" and let us know how you get on with it.

Another one,

Youtube is shutting down:

Here's the official video to confirm the same, the video features several video stars who have made some of the most watched videos and uploaded on youtube along with several of Google's own staff.

The video has already attracted almost 400K views on and the video is uploaded by several other users as well on several sites.

And one more....

All blue everything blue, even the letters, the italics, buttons every single thing goes blue RIGHT OVERNIGHT!

I would say, Google nose was probably much more believable than Gmail Blue.

Some people even believed youtube shutting down as compared to GMail Blue.